Easy TO Learn – Let’s Explore Nature series X3

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1-A warm little place

Series name: Let’s Explore Nature

One by one, an ant, a ladybird, a dragonfly, a bumblebee, and a snail all come to rest on a large stone warmed by the sun. But the stone is not all that it appears to be… and the insects all get a shock when their “stone” starts to move! Can you guess what is happening? You’ll enjoy reading this story, as the cause of the movement makes itself clear to you and the insects.

2-Three chicks go exploring


Series name: Let’s Explore Nature

Come on a journey around the farmyard with three very inquisitive little chicks that just have to investigate everything they see. Their adventure changes them so that even their mothers don’t recognize them! Enjoy the walk with them and find out how Bob, the puppy, is able to help, without trying, to change them back to normal.

3-The hungry crocodiles


Series name: Let’s Explore Nature

Meet three brothers; Zac, the oldest and most thoughtful one, Pete; the noisy, impatient, and impulsive one, and Gregory, the excitable younger brother. They spend the day thinking about becoming more adventurous in their hunting and dietary needs. What animals can crocodiles eat? Just about anything, according to Pete! Not so, according to Zac! Find out just what happens to these three hungry crocs and what they end up eating.

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